Friday, April 5, 2013

Working Away.... with my new watercolours!

Busy! Busy! Still working away on the book. Yesterday I started painting! At last the fun begins...

 I discovered a new brand of watercolour that I am over the moon about! Has anyone heard of Yarka watercolor from Russia? They are amazing! The reds and blues are to die for. They are hard to come by in Canada. is starting to sell them but they only carry the original set. I bought mine from  in North Carolina. I have been stocking my PO box waiting for them to arrive for the last 3 weeks. Yesterday they came! Woo Whoo!  The first thing I did was to give them a spin. The following picture shows some to the special colours in the extended and sequel set.

 I still love my old Windsor and Newton set. However the Yarka half pans offer a broad spectrum of colour that I have never found before in a half pan set! The reds and blues are amazing. The range of greens are really special too.
I did end up with some doubles and triples of the basic colours but it was worth it. Many of the startling blues, greens, and reds are in the extended and sequel set. The pan system also makes it really easy to customize your palette if you are working on a large project and need a handy selection of colour ready to go. For anyone out there who is into sketching the outdoors this is a must have! Back to the studio- Bye for now. Tara:0)