Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tara's Brand New Book is out in Bookstores!

Nat The Cat is out in books at last. After many months of planning, drawing and designing he is here! Horray! 

Meet the cats that inspired the art for Nat...
This is Sasha and I. Once it was decided that Sasha would be our leading lady it became easier to create visual narative to support Victoria's text.
Sasha inspired  the kitten for Nat The Cat Can Sleep Like That

Nat was inspired by Tigger our sweet boy. I miss him everyday.

Tigger watching another cat in our house.
 He is perched on the piano which is not allowed.
I always let Tig break the rules.
Tony our first family cat. He came into our lives in 1994 when John, Quin, Duran, Zephora , Mom and I all became one big family.
Tony keeping me warm while I work in February at the farm in 2003
Bear of course who is still with us. He and Tigger were litter mates, brothers and the best of friends. He is such a kind soul and so wonderful with kittens. He just happens to be a black cat. It's really tricky to illustrate black cats at night and convey lot's of expression. So Nat is orange. 
Bear Bear and a foster kitty
Check out the cool book trailer too! I never saw that coming! Inventive ways to promote books on the internet. Thank you Erin Woods!

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